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Duckyun inc leads to the continuous growth of the manufacturing and distribution industry.
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Duckyun Inc. is a manufacturing-based Internet distribution company and has been growing rapidly since its establishment in 2013. In order to have the best technology and quality competitiveness for customer satisfaction, we are committed to making bold investments in R&D on a continuous basis and to making inroads into the global market. Based on the highest level of technological competitiveness and quality we have, Duckyun Inc. will become the nation's top company through diversification of business.

Since its inception, people have been the biggest asset to rapid growth. We will continue to strengthen human resources management under the philosophy that "people" including executives and employees are the best assets the company has.

Based on the unrelenting spirit of challenge and reliability, Duckyun Inc. will concentrate all his efforts to create a new Paradigm in the domestic distribution industry and actively implement the social responsibility of the growing businesses along with people, the environment and the community. We ask for your warm support and support for our continued challenge and growth to become the best company. Thank you.
Company Duckyun Inc.
Business Wholesale and merchandise brokerage based on online & offline sales
Vision Maximize business value based on responsible and transparent management principles and transparent management
TEL 82-31-811-5500
Business license number 128-87-12256
HISTORY of Duckyun Inc.
  • 09"Established Duckyun Inc (2nd of Sep)
    Built up online sales channels(open market, social networks, mega shopping mall, and others)
    Built up online sales networks(about 30 co-operated companies)
  • 10MOU was signed with Artcube for Air-conditioning windscreen "windwing" OEM production
    Stared mass production for Air conditioning windscreen "windwing"
  • 01Launched Men's body shaper shirts "Body King"
    Applied the registration of brand for "Body King"
  • 07Wholesaler contract was signed with Aquapick for Water flosser
  • 12Wholesaler contract was signed with Wallsounds Co., Ltd for
    Anti inter-floor noise trouble bluetooth speaker "Wall Sound"
    Started to develop men's hair downfirmer "antipopequipment"
  • 01Lunched men's hair downfirmer "antipopequipment"
    Registed the brand name "Body King"
  • 02Started to develop & design for Summer Auqa shoes
  • 03MOU was signed with Pacific Shoes for Aqua Shoes OEM production
  • 05Applied the registration of brand for "WATER RUN"
  • 07Signed supply pledge contract with Youngjin inducstry Co., ltd for prefabricated metal rack, for B2G sales
  • 09Signed contract with online B2G mall for prefabricated metla rack
  • 03Lunched & started mass production for the silk water splash guard "Sink&Frineds"
    Applied the registration of brand for "Sink&Friends
  • 06Lunched the Aqua shoes "WATER RUN"
  • 07Registed the brand name "WATER RUN"
    Moved to new office at Janghang-dong, Goyang-City
  • 09Purchased of Warehouse and Production Line Site at Paju City
  • 05Lunched New collection of WATER RUN
    Lunched injection type
  • 06Started to develop separation collection box "EASYFARM" & launced it
  • 09Started OEM sales for men's body shaper(for Korea domestic market)
  • 11Lunched "EASYFARM" at Hyundai department store
    export Men's body shaper OEM product to USA
  • 04Lunched New collection of WATER RUN
  • 07Lunched WATER RUN on TV, Hyundai Home shopping and sold out totally
  • 08OEM Contract was signed with Barrel that one of the specialized company for swimming wear
    Got the best records for the sales at Vietnam in the showcase. (totally sold out.)
    Meeting the buyers in Vietnam showcase
  • 03SORCING FAIR 2019
    Meeting the buyers in Indonesia showcase
  • 04Offline salse booth contract was singed with W-mall for summer season
    ISO certification
  • 06Lunched Radio advertising(Korea FM radio) : KBS-FM(89.1Mhz), MBC-FM(95.9Mhz), YTN (94.5Mhz)
    WATER RUN released on W-mall(Offline) - Summer season sales festival  
    Released 'Dyflux: e-commerce management solution' beta service.
  • 07 Sales Contract(shoes) : Lotte Mart (100 stores - offline) 
    DY appliances are lunched(online stores)  
  • 08Released to sale WATER RUN(Aqua shoes) on '' 
    Lunched online stores on,,,
  • 10MOSEY goodnight spray is lunched
    Starting version up for Dyflux service.
  • 012020 ISPO Munich - took part in with WATER RUN
    2020 Outdoor+Snow show - took part in with WATER RUN
    Released to sale Winterboots(for women) on Homeplus Mart(offline)
  • 04Released to sale WATER RUN(aqua shoes) on Lotte Mart(offline)
  • 09Registed brand 'WATER RUN' in USA 
  • 11Registed brand page for WATER RUN on '' 
    On air WATER RUN on live platform
  • 01Started to develop Socam home training shoes 
    Concluded alicense to Bread barber shop
  • 03Placed Socam home training shoes to Home Plus 
  • 04Started to develop Bread barber shop slippers and sanlda
  • 05Place Bodyking to Home Plus
  • 06Socam, Body King conclusion of advertising contract with Men's Health Magazine
  • 04 브레드 이발소 슬리퍼, 샌들 개발
  • 05 바디킹 홈플러스 입점 판매
  • 06 소캄, 바디킹 맨즈헬스 잡지 광고 계약